The Island of Lanzarote

Pedro Almodóvar

“The island had me spellbound. I had never seen such dramatic colors in nature. For me it was not a landscape, but a State of mind, a character. From that moment I wanted to shoot there”.
“It was first developed in Lanzarote his fascination with black and darker red, green, brown and gray halftones. Consecration of the mystery of the island, ”
“A site as interesting as Lanzarote is a lesson. It is fortunate that have preserved the island as is. I think it is a unique place in the moment: go in any direction and can not find a single ad, or a skyscraper next to a cliff…”

Juan Ramírez de Lucas

Island is not photogenic, or rather, their physical and metaphysical reality is far superior to all that photography can give us. Even with the photographic testimonies; We are left knowing little, knowing almost nothing of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote you have to see it to believe it, and after apparently is still doubted whether what was seen was a real reality or was the product of a hallucination, one of those illusions that assail the walkers of the deserts.

The traveller in Lanzarote will wonder if what is before his eyes it is possible that there is. Sometimes we doubt the veracity of our memory, but only in Lanzarote it occurs to doubt the veracity of the immediate vision. No, what we are seeing is not possible. Perforce must be prisoner of some enchantment.

Fernando Higueras

Architect Fernando Higueras, expressed in the following terms the island contact: in the year 1963 visited Lanzarote, in the company of César Manrique. (…) I had spoken passionately of their peoples, the color of the Earth and its people, but reality surpassed all what you had imagined. The island of Lanzarote is one of the few places in the world where you can still see the surface of our planet in the embryonic state that should have made millions of years when perhaps the man had not made his appearance on Earth.

My first impression was of enthusiasm and joy to the greatness, still Virgin, of the place in which we project our constructions, but then, to the beauty of the landscape and the seamless integration of your existing anonymous folk architecture, our enthusiasm and joy are were transformed into fear for fear that any type of architecture today to use, could take away charm to what already was a complete masterpiece.