César Manrique

César Manrique

He created a new aesthetic idea, known as Nature-Art. Artist of international renown is the soul of the “aesthetic-ethics” of Lanzarote, both for his creativity and for his activism against the overcrowding and urban horror.

Lanzarote is today what is the union of an artist and a politician, “more crazy than he”, who was the President of the Council of Lanzarote, Pepín Ramírez, who believed and supported his projects, with an idea that was to try to preserve the architecture of Lanzarote. For that reason Lanzarote is the only one of all the Canary Islands that all their houses are mostly white and ground floor, and that being surrounded by seas of lava makes it unique in the world.

We recommend visiting the César Manrique Foundation http://fcmanrique.org/?lang=es

“We have to pick up and learn from our own environment to create, without having to start from any established idea. This has been the rationale that has reinforced the personality of Lanzarote. We don’t have to copy anyone. Come to copy us.”

“We must prevent the destruction of every old wall, each distribution, each house where time has stopped historical trace. Its disappearance would forever erase a past full of sense and wisdom learned from experience of centuries in observation and need of its climate, its latitude, its wind, its light and incredible scenery that determined a result of ways to make that can not be improvised in a short space of time.”

“Art is something much more important, much deeper, not to fall into the elementary and poor vulgarity of the human ordinariness more sharper and, when not is planned intelligently a deployment of the so-called civic education and cultural·”

“Create with absolute freedom, without fear and without recipes, comforts the soul and opens a door to the joy of living”.